Concrete Scanning, GPR, Concrete Radar

Moore Concrete Cutting now has the latest HILTI technology for concrete scanning services. Utilizing 3 different radar antennas to suit varying concrete depths and electromagnetic sensors to detect live high voltage electricity drawing current, Moore Concrete Scanning is ready for your project needs.

CSDA Scanning and OSHA 10 certified
Next day service often available
Full service concrete sawing, coring, demo Professionals


Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to “image” the subsurface. This nondestructive method uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band (UHF/VHF frequencies) of the radio spectrum, and detects the reflected signals from the subsurface structures. Moore Concrete Cutting provides this service to locate Post-tensioned Cables and other Metal Structures “Embedded” within concrete slab or walls. We do not locate underground utilities.

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